Who is Alessia Cara the Canadian popstar ?

With her explosive launching clip « Here », was only the tip of the iceberg, « Know-it-all », the first album of Alessia Cara reveals many other moments of pure pop bravery.

At the only age of 20, the young Canadian singer is far from having spent all the richness of her musical imagination and her ardor.

Like the entire world, we discovered Alessia Cara with her song « Here » and her irresistible clip where a young girl at a party who sings « I don’t need a boyfriend » on a hypnotic beat that generously reminds of the Portishead hits in the mid 90’s.
But Alessia, of her real name Alessia Carracciolo did not grow up in Bristol, but far away in Mississauga, in Ontario. Having Italians root by both parents, the girl is not even ten years old when she composes her first song on the guitar. Nine years late with « Know-it-all », this first album on the prestigious label Def Jam, Alessia is showing a bluffing maturity. Her compositions as well as her universe remind the first album of Lily Allen.
alessia cara

Young, but not as exhibitionist as Britney once was, she is a model for many girls that followed her since. Alessia Cara plays the sobriety and modesty, she looks like the little version of Alicia Keys than a new Selena Gomez. In fact, we just need to listen to the lovely piano ride « Stars » or the climatic and powerful « Scars to your beautiful » to convince ourself.

In november 2015, Taylor Swift invited Alessia Cara on stage at a concert in Florida. Both interpret « Here » in front of 55,000 people. « Honestly, I could not be more impressed » said the American singer on Twitter where she has millions of followers. « The fact that Taylor Swift is a fan of my music is incredible, she’s so talented », confessed Alessia in an interview with Public.

For a first album, we can say that « Know-it-all » is quite successful, 10 titles boosted by 5 bonus tracks including the emotional version of « Here » in a simple piano voice.

You can listen and download the song « Here » on Save to mp3 !