“Heaven”: Troye Sivan puts love for everyone in a touching video clip

Troye Sivan continues the exploitation of his first album “Blue Neighborhood”. On this day of inauguration of Donald Trump, the singer unveils a moving clip advocating equality and love for all.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan released his debut album “Blue Neighborhood” in 2015, revealed to the general public by mood videos and covers published on the Internet. Without a filter with his fans, the singer made his come-out in 2013 on YouTube And open a trilogy of gay-friendly clips for his “Wild”, “Talk Me Down” and “Fools” titles. “I’m not trying to talk for everyone. I just think there is a real lack of representation of the LGBTQ community in the media. I am part of this community and I make music. For me, it’s simple, I look around and I say “Ok, what are the straight-up popstars doing? Why can not I do the same and put a love story in my clips?” “Explained the interpreter of” Youth “in an interview on Pure Charts.

“How do I get to heaven?”

On the occasion of the inauguration of Donald Trump, new president of the United States whose program is feared by the LGBT associations, Troye Sivan wanted to put equality in his video “Heaven”. Because his vaporous title, recorded with Betty Who, evokes precisely the struggle with oneself when growing up being homosexual or transexual. Religion, social pressure, fear of rejection, homophobia … “All my time is wasted / Feeling like my heart’s mistaken, oh / So if I’m losing a piece of me / Maybe I do not want heaven? “He sings on this intense ballad. To illustrate his touching words, Troye Sivan puts on a black and white clip where he embraces and embraces a young shirtless man, while archival footage (of same-sex couples, demonstrations, trans people, militant Harvey Milk …) support his speech. A particularly moving rendering.

Watch the clip « Heaven » by Troye Sivan